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To think it all started with a sweatshirt...

Even though I started my business in 2018, I was never truly doing what I loved until I began making my own apparel. I have always been passionate about spreading kindness and positivity to all, and when I was finally able to channel that into fashion, that’s when the true Shop Kirsten was born. A little over a year ago I released my “You Are Capable” sweatshirt and it went viral on Tiktok. My business grew tremendously and instantly—a change I definitely wasn’t anticipating or equipped to handle having a full time job on top of everything.

Here’s the crazy thing—I quit my 9-5 almost EXACTLY a year after the launch of this sweatshirt. I worked my butt off during that year. I stayed up until 3AM to fulfill orders some nights, just to wake up a couple hours later to go to my social work job. It was a whirlwind, and ultimately left me feeling

incredibly burnt out. My mental health was declining. I wasn’t taking care of myself like I needed or deserved.

I finally decided it was time to stop trying to do it all. To choose me and my wellbeing for once. Even if it meant “letting people down”, one of those people being myself. I was convinced that if I walked away from social work I would no longer be a good person. I wouldn’t be contributing to my community or society. I wouldn’t have a purpose anymore.

But that’s so far from the truth.

You can have purpose and passion in anything that you do. You can make a difference. You can still be a good person. Have empathy. Change lives. Spread kindness. Be positive.

Things are going to work out exactly how they’re supposed to.

And most importantly, you are capable of amazing things.

I’m rooting for you.

Shop my You Are Capable sweatshirt here

p.s. photos by @photosbyashlynnicole — you are INCREDIBLE.

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