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Introducing Shop Kirsten Social!

A business venture that I've been doing *unofficially* for years now. I am SO excited to finally launch my social media management / User Generated Content (UGC) business!

A little about Shop Kirsten Social...

Shop Kirsten Social is based out of Tampa, FL with a focus in social media management and user generated content (UGC). Working with local and nationwide businesses to produce organic content for social media purposes. Centered around branding and finding your aesthetic. Specializing in short video production and editing — the new wave of influential advertising!

About the CEO...

Hi everyone! My name is Kirsten and I am the one woman show behind Shop Kirsten ✨ Here’s a little about me…

I have my B.S. in Human Development & Family Studies! After graduating in 2019, I worked in the social work / non-profit field for 2.5 years as the case manager AND the social media manager. I absolutely loved that job, but decided to pursue my business full time in the beginning of 2022. Although the decision was bittersweet, self-employment is INCREDIBLE. Scary at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am truly so blessed.

Things I love: Playing soccer, yoga, running, tennis, the beach, charcuterie boards, cold brew with OAT MILK, creating/editing videos, writing, traveling, & the most important of them all: dessert. Donuts in particular if anyone was wondering.

Shop Kirsten is multi-faceted — I think finding a niche is overrated (maybe not the best advice, but it works for me & my creative energy lol). Let’s break it down…

On one hand we have @shop_kirsten, my business “influencer” account, where you’ll find a combo of small business, fashion, & lifestyle content. I occasionally blog on my site & also make way too many Tiktoks (follow me tho).

On the other hand we have Shop Kirsten, the name of my small business! I sell apparel/etc. that spreads positivity & is handmade by me! I also do wholesale/custom orders—my brand is in stores all over the U.S.!

& on a… foot? we have @ShopKirstenSocial — my new business venture that I’ve been unofficially doing for years. This includes all things social media management & user generated content. I have a few local clients & several nation/world wide already!

That’s all for now, but I still have another foot left. So stay tuned, lol. My dream is to write a book someday—maybe self help, a memoir, or a creative piece… maybe all 3?!?

💌 Anyway, I’m super passionate about Shop Kirsten being a safe place; spreading positivity and kindness through all that I do & hopefully inspiring others to follow their dreams of starting a small business.

You are capable of amazing things my friends. & you can do tough things. Even if they scare you.

Super excited to see where Shop Kirsten Social goes! Thank you SO much for the support, it means the world to me.

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