ETSY SELLERS: This Shipping Tip Is a Game Changer!

This post is sponsored by Shippo but all opinions are my own. I have been using Shippo for over two years now to ship out my sales and I have saved SO much time/money! Thanks, Shippo 🙌

POV: You hear the beautiful "cha-ching" notification that is music to your ears. An Etsy sale! You open the app to find that someone has bought not one, but THREE sweatshirts from your small biz.

Live footage of me every time I make a sale:

But here's the catch: Etsy is telling you it's going to be almost $13 to ship. You sigh, and dramatically drag your mouse to the "purchase" button....

...until you remember that Shippo exists. You quickly log into your account, create a label for your sweatshirt order, and gasp:

$8.87 to ship through USPS Priority Mail?!

That's right, I would be saving nearly $4 just by getting my shipping label through Shippo. This is an absolute game changer, especially since saving a couple bucks on shipping can really start to add up.

But seriously, for the longest time I was only using Shippo for my website sales. Since Etsy had a shipping label feature built into their platform, I never thought twice about using another method. However, I began to compare rates and quickly noticed how much money I was wasting by NOT using Shippo ($8.87 for a label vs. $12.70 makes a huge difference, especially when calculating your margins!). Since making the switch to using Shippo for my Etsy sales, I have saved HUNDREDS of dollars and my business has benefited so much. Even saving a couple cents on a label goes a long way, and Shippo has you covered 👏

The best part? Shippo is free to use and it finds you the best rates amongst multiple shipping carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.!). You can sign up by clicking here.

Pro tip: You can download your Etsy sales as a CSV file and import it directly to Shippo to skip the pain of manually entering each sale. Here's a step by step on how to do it:

1. Sign into your account and head over to Shop Manager

2. Select settings from the drop down menu.

3. Select Options.

4. Select Download Data.

5. Scroll down to Orders and fill it out accordingly.

6. Select Download CSV and save file to your computer.

7. Head over to Shippo and select Upload CSV

8. Upload the CSV file.

9. Match Columns

10. Select Upload