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Tiktok Made Me Buy It...

The power that app has on me LOL but here's a few of my fav viral Tiktok finds!

*This post contains affiliate links that allow me receive a small commission if you make a purchase (at no additional cost to you!)*

Lulu Dupes

Athletic Works Running Shorts

✰ Cost: $9.96

✰ Where: Walmart

My review: HIGHLY recommend! Great quality (I like them better than Lululemon's Hotty Hot's) + so flattering! They are high waisted with a 5" inseam + have built in underwear. Very comfortable to work out or lounge in too! In my opinion, they run a little big so I sized down to an XS (I wear a 4 or 6 in Lulu and I am typically a size small in bottoms everywhere else!). Oh, and you really can't beat the price on these (vs. $58 for Lulu LOL). Definitely go grab a pair here or visit your local WallyWorld to see if they have any in store!

Amazon CRZ Yoga Biker Shorts

✰ Cost: $20

✰ Where: Amazon

My review: I've always been a little skeptical regarding if I liked biker shorts on me (I always thought I was too short for them) but I LOVE these regardless. They're super stretchy, comfy, + the color is perfection. They're not as "buttery soft" as Lululemon's biker shorts BUT they're definitely a close second (plus they have POCKETS ya'll!). The color is "purple taupe" and I am wearing a size small. I'd say they're pretty true to size, but there's an inner waist tie just in case! You can click here to check them out (tons of different colors/lengths too!).

Adjustable Button Pins

Button Pins

✰ Cost: $6.99

✰ Where: Amazon

My review: If the waist of your jeans is always too big, you need these. I am petite (5'2 to be exact) with an "athletic" build (thanks to my 20+ years of soccer lol). I can NEVER find jeans that fit my body type (I feel like everyone can relate to this, do "perfect" jeans even exist for anyone?!)—mine are always too small in the thighs/butt so I have to go up 1-2 sizes, which always results in the waist gaping open. Thanks to these no sew buttons, this problem is SOLVED! The only downside is they might feel a little tight when you sit down, but you can always switch to the original button if it's too uncomfortable!

The pack I got comes with 8 silver buttons, but they also make them in variety packs with gold/black/other designs! You can purchase these here :)

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite viral TikTok finds (I'll do my best to find more hehe). Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more deals, biz tips, + lifestyle content + check out my boutique

Have a WONDERFUL day!

◡̈ Kirsten ◡̈

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

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